INSPIRATION: ‘The OG’ Example Pages

In this article, we provide examples for our ‘Calendar Girl’, ‘Easy like Sunday Morning’, ‘The Hustle’, and the ‘In the Long Run’ planner pages which are all now available as part of The OG printable planner. Did we mention that it’s FREE? 😉

You can also watch and follow along with our YouTube video titled ‘HOW TO: fill out your planner’ below!

I Love My Calendar Girl

Our ‘Calendar Girl’ spread allows you to not only have your monthly plans available at a glance, but also provides an opportunity for you to track your healthy habits. Lets be honest, its not easy to start a new routine when you have ADHD, but that’s okay! Let the tracker be the extra support you need. In fact, all you need is to try your best! Even if you only maintain your new habit for a few days, that’s still a few days of success! Look at you go, we are so proud of you for trying!

In the above example, the four boxes below the calendar have been used to highlight three key to-do’s that have to be done that month, and are checked off when they are.

The tracker section has been used to track flossing, skin care, water in-take, stretching, your period if you’re someone who gets periods, as well as mood! Its really up to you how you decide to use your ‘Calendar Girl’ page. The opportunities are endless!

In our YouTube video, Averie shows you other ways that you can fill in your four key items boxes.

In the video she suggests using them to highlight:

  • Key Dates
  • Major Projects
  • Monthly Budgets

Or to use them as a legend for your tracker and/or calendar.

Ooh, That’s Why I’m Easy…

…Easy like Sunday morning. Just like the song by the Commodores, our ‘Easy Like Sunday Morning’ daily page is meant to make you feel at ease. With three boxes for to-do’s, this page is best used for when you need a little support in your day to day.

The above example uses the first box for items that need ‘Immediate Attention’. This box is separated by the daily icons so that it can stand out from the rest, making it an ideal space for your most important to-do’s. Or maybe, use it to separate your school/work key items from your personal items. Its up to you!

The next two boxes are titled ‘Next Up’, for the things to do after you’ve finished your items from your first box, and ‘Tomorrow’s Worries’, for things that need to be done, but can wait, keeping it easy breezy.

Leandra shows above the different ways that she would fill out her planner spread.

Here’s a break down of the potential box titles:

Blue Highlight =[To-Do] Now, Soon, and Later
Pink Highlight = [To-Do] Today, Next, Tomorrow’s Worries
Green Highlight = By topic. In this example she separates them by key tasks for each of her jobs
Orange Highlight = By class if your are a student

Do The Hustle

Designed with more boxes for those with more to do, ‘The Hustle’ daily page is here to support your busy lifestyle. The above example describes using one box as a to-do box (i.e., Things To-Do Today, or Things I Didn’t Do Yesterday) and the corresponding box as your ‘Done’ box/notes section. For example, this spread shows someone making a note next to their laundry to-do item which says, “push to tomorrow”.

Averie also describes alternative title options for your planner’s four boxes. Here’s a break down of the potential box titles:

Yellow Highlight = To-Do, Done, Project Title, Project Title
Green Highlight = Priority One, Priority Two , Priority Three, Priority Four
Pink Highlight = [To-Do] Now, Soon, Later, and then Personal To-Do’s
Blue Highlight = [To-Do Items that will take] 60+mins, 30 mins, 10 mins, and 2 mins

I’ll See You Again In The Long Run

Our ‘In the Long Run’ page may be one of our most ADHD specific pages yet. This page is a place for you to write all of those things that come to mind that don’t need to be done right now. Designed with a busy mind in mind (hah), our ‘In the Long Run’ page is the perfect place for you to brain drain away, but in a way that can be organized form the get-go! No more having to go sort through all those papers and notes to find that one to-do item, now it can be found all in one place!

In the above example, the brain dumper has sorted their things-to-remember into Home, Personal, Socials, and then Dump, a section specifically for them to write any other items that may not fit into a specific category. The second, darkest grey box below those titles has been used to list their goals, timelines in which they hope to finish the items in the list, as well as a legend, while the last boxes are used as the brain drain.

The above image, taken from the video, shows SIX different ways to use this page. From left to right they read:

  1. Per project
  2. By specific brain dumps
  3. For affirmations
  4. As an alternative weekly spread
  5. A place to list key goals
  6. As a weekly to-do’s spread where you can title each section as the weeks of the month or even year

We hope this outline has been helpful to you, and please feel free to save the images and copy these examples as you wish!

Thank you for your continued support!

Pce n’ Luv,

Averie & Leandra

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