Who We Are

Hey. My name is Averie AKA the handsome devil in the middle below. The person on the bottom left is my equally handsome business partner (and partner in crime) Leandra.

This is our bruv story.

I’ve always wanted to do big and important things. It’s never been a question of what, but simply a question of when. Never, though, did I imagine I would ask myself, “but with whom?” I also never could have imagined having a friend like Leandra, and yet, here we are.

Let me rewind.

It was 2004. I was outside at recess, minding my own, hanging off some piece of jungle gym equipment like the twitchy, undiagnosed ADHD kid I was, and chatting up a storm with a kid I had met minutes before. As we were chatting about whatever 3rd graders chatted about—most likely politics and the weather—they interrupted to call over their friend. Running up, dressed head to toe in leopard print, and tied together with a pink tulle skirt, came Leandra. We introduced ourselves. I applauded her homage to the Cheetah Girls, she complimented my dragon hoodie and told me I looked like Avril Lavigne. I’m not sure anyone would have thought it by looking at us, I mean we couldn’t have looked any more different, but we understood each other immediately.

We were best friends before the final bell.

Like most 3rd graders, we had simple interests, and recess was the most interesting. We lived for that 15-30 min break so that we could see our friends, and scuff our knees playing tetherball, and, of course, make a nickel or two selling products and services to our classmates. You see, Leandra & I were at that special age where we had only one thing on our minds: Entrepreneurship. And so, naturally, we started a business. Seventeen years ago that is.

Our first venture was in body modification, specifically in the medium of (sometimes) washable marker tattoos. We probably made about a dollar between the two of us graffitiing our classmates before getting in trouble with a lunch monitor, but it was enough. We caught the bug. And so bloomed in our little hearts that day, our passion for trade and commerce. How cute!

We’ve had many years of business ideas since then, and with many of them falling through, but it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with ADHD, and was on the hunt for a planner that would work for my unique needs, that something felt different. And for the first time in 17 years, everything was grounded, nothing fell, and the idea stuck.

And the rest is history.


We actually bought our first website domain in 2008 when we were 12.

We finally put it to use this year.

Welcome to Non-to-Sense. We hope you feel at home here.


Averie & Leandra

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